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Everyone has a story, and I want you to know mine.…

When I tell you I have been there, I mean it.

In 2015, sat in the Doctor's office looking for answers to my ailments, I was told like many are, that I had an ‘incurable’ illness. That the only option to move forward would be drugs to manage symptoms, and that there was no known cure. Healing was not once mentioned.

I had been told at 20 years old that I was infertile. My heart was crushed and I felt broken, empty, lost and alone. I wondered if anyone would ever love me. I wondered if I would ever feel good again. I googled, of course. Cervical Cancer, Diabetes, Infertility, Ovarian Cancer..

These were all ‘high risk’ in patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (one of the conditions that I had been diagnosed with). I wondered about my future.. It seemed bleak. I slipped into what I would call now, survival mode. Something got me up off that floor, and told me not to rest until I found answers.

Unfortunately, I know that most of you reading this will relate to at least one part...

I was anxious, depressed and so depleted of energy that I would struggle to get up a set of stairs. 

I had gained around 35 pounds in a year; had 30 cysts present on each ovary, no menstrual cycle, acne, black hair growing in all the places it shouldn’t have been and a bloat like no other (permanently). 

To say that my personal life, relationships, and career were also out of alignment, would be an understatement. Everything seemed like a struggle.

I lacked lust for life; I was disconnected, lost and using drugs, alcohol, food and dating as a crutch for it all. I sought after quick fixes and ways to gain instant gratification & validation to gain a moment of false security within myself.

Googling symptoms or diets would overwhelm me and I would end up giving it up entirely. There were many days where I held packets of pills in my hand, crying, battling with whether to just give up, take them, and accept my fate.

I don’t know why I chose not to accept this new fate of mine, but I didn’t. I made it my mission to learn, grow and change my future.

And I did.

I would spend the next 5 years studying, experiencing and healing. I found an answer for every question. I changed and healed my body and my life. In every sense of the word.

I went to the doctors again in 2018 for some tests and check ups, and there were no longer any indications of the disease I once had.

My body was healedSome call it a miracle..

But I prefer to call it The Arabella Solution.

Work With me

I was about to give up.

It was 2015 and I was 12,000ft high up a volcano in the middle of nowhere. Desperate to reach the peak at 5am, my body was giving up on me, and everything in me wanted to quit. The floor was made from volcanic ash, resembling dark sand, so every time I took a step forward or dug my hands in to assist, I would slide almost the whole step back down. People around me were giving up and the only people I knew were way ahead of me. Left alone with myself and my thoughts I was about to quit, until I had this jaw dropping, life changing realisation that so far I've quit everything in my life.

I had to do something different.

Suddenly I felt a rush of energy surge through me.

That was the first moment I connected to something more.

I realised that if I was going to change my life, I had to stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Suicide was something I had already been personally affected by, and so i knew with every bone in my body, that despite my struggles, it could never be an option.

My dad had taken his own life years before, and so I knew there had to be a moment where I changed the trajectory. A moment where I would decide to change it all. And that was my moment.

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I picked my feet back up, and I moved forward.

I climbed to the peak for sunrise, and when I finally got there, I collapsed and cried hysterically. I had done it, I had made the one decision that would change my life forever.

A single action that changed the course of my life,

I quit quitting.

I chose my new reality. 

I transformed everything.

I created the life of my dreams.

And you can too.

You get to choose.

And it all starts with one single decision.

The decision not to quit.

I cannot promise that your breakthrough will come while you are standing at the top of a volcano, but maybe all you need is to be sitting somewhere hearing these words, hearing from someone who’s been there before you.

That feeling that you have in your gut right now, it’s not lying to you.
Your soul is calling out to you, asking you to make a choice, asking you not to quit.

Do not quit on yourself.. Because I can promise you.. that you are worthy, deserving & able to live a life without the current barriers & limitations that hold you back. That the life of your dreams, in a body that feels incredible, can be yours.

Work With Me

“Courage doesn't mean you aren't afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you.

Arabella Blaker

Natalie Paterson

“Arabella listened to me and was patient as she guided me out of the darkness. She’s incredibly talented and intelligent and knows how to bring the best out in you with her amazing methods. I’m so grateful and lucky."


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