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The Arabella Solution is an understanding that healing is so much more than the physical body. 


True healing is an integration. It’s not this or that. It's this, AND that.

I created The Arabella Solution, so that you have someone to fully understand and support you with not just how to heal and change your life physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Years ago, I deeply desired this for myself, more than anything.

I vowed that my breakdown would be my breakthrough.

That i would turn my pain into power and my wounds into wisdom.

I healed my body and transformed my life.

Let me show you how.

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Lara Haddad

When I first started working with Arabella, I had not had a good sleep in months, I was constantly bloated and my face was breaking out like it never had. I also had a bad relationship with food, and found myself going through a yo-yo of bingeing and restricting myself from food. 3 months later and Arabella has not only helped heal my relationship with food, but she has also helped me learn how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I can sleep with no troubles, and I don’t feel bloated when I eat. I no longer feel the need to starve, restrict or binge and I am so incredibly grateful for her.

Ayisha Fabri

Working with Arabella transformed my entire world. I went from being bedridden, unable to move without being in agonising pain and completely depressed to thriving in every sense of the word. I had been debilitatingly sick for years and I went to many practitioners both in the western and alternative medicine world and nobody was able to do for me what Arabella did for me. Arabella taught me the language of my body and soul, now I know exactly what I need and when I need it. I’m living the happiest and healthiest life thanks to her incredible guidance! It’s beyond incredible, she changed my entire life. 

Zara Evans

To say Arabella has changed my life is no understatement. From over 12 years under consultant care on an endless list of meds, with no answers… After less than 12 months working under Arabella’s expert guidance and coaching, I am pain-free, my flare ups are a thing of the past, and I no longer need any prescribed meds. Yup, the girl who had PCOS, multiple autoimmune conditions and who was “allergic to herself”. Arabella’s holistic and all encompassing approach helps you heal all aspects of yourself - mind, body & soul ✨

The Hormone Solution - My Newest Baby.


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