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Healing your hormones and heart with love, so you can get your sparkle back and
unleash the most aligned, abundant & alive version of you possible.


The Hormone Solution is the gift every menstruating woman deserves. It’s the wisdom, knowledge & healing we all crave but rarely allow ourselves to have.

Its a creation birthed through years of experience, research, learning, growing & mentoring.

It’s a place to grow with pleasure, joy & sweetness.

It’s everything you never knew you needed until you had it.

It's the hormone and life healing answer you have been waiting for.

A way to heal your hormones through loving yourself, through grace and pleasure.


  • You are in a body identifying as a woman, with female sex hormones, who is ready to step into her power, and create the life of her dreams.
  • You’ve always had this feeling that your body should work in deeper harmony than it currently does.
  • You’re done feeling like struggling is just a normal way of living. You know you are designed for more than this.
  • You’re sooo over the story that PMS is normal and something you have to just ‘deal’ with. You want to have a regular cycle that feels BLISSFUL & connecting. (Hint: its sooo possible!)
  • You are ready to wake up, look in the mirror, and think damnnnn… I love my beautiful body & unique self!
  • You want to feel more connected to your body and know how to look after it. 
  • You deeply desire to have the bullshit cut through and to know what food, herbs and supplements to nourish your body with.
  • You connect and resonate with my teachings, my voice, my guidance, and deep down just feel this soul connection to my message and vibe. You feel this program was made for you. And you know deep down, you are meant to be here.

Life brings us the perfect opportunities, people and experiences at the exact time we need them.

Dream with me....

It's the year 2024.

You wake up full of energy, excited for the day head.

You are living the life of your dreams, loving your beautiful body and nourishing yourself in every way.

You are manifesting magic and feeling ALIVE.

Debilitating PMS and other hormonal issues are a thing of the past.

You understand how your cycle works, you feel connected and in awe of your body, your womb and its magic.

You are attracting insane experiences and people into your every day life, because you are magnetic.

On days where you forget your power, you remind yourself of it, rest, restore and love yourself through it, because you know you deserve to be loved the way you love others.

You face life challenges with grace, acceptance, sweetness & compassion.

You know that everything that is happening for your greatest and highest good, because you are in the perfect state of connection with your highest self. 


  •  8 epic weeks of calls. Including: Masterclasses with Arabella, a guest masterclass with a Food Freedom expert, & pre-recorded Q&A sessions!

  •  Hormone Healing Nutrition & Lifestyle Pack (designed specifically for this container)

  •  Healing Transformational Meditations & Journal Prompts - Specifically recorded and curated for this container)

  • Discounted access to The Miracle Liver Cleanse - A 7-day experience to show your liver some love, and in turn supporting your hormones. (Worth $111, you get it for $55.50)

  • On-demand access to all recorded calls
Let's take it back... It was 2012, I had been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), had 30 cysts on each ovary, acne, anxiety, IBS, depression and was diagnosed as 'infertile'.

I hated the way I looked, I had a crappy dating life, and I had no dreams, goals, excitement or love for life.

No-one was speaking about health, chronic illness, eating disorders, trauma or self love online. Not many spoke about how to heal your body or change your destiny. So I decided to carve my own path. I decided to figure it out on my own ...and I did. & more.

Through determination and courage, I decided I was going to spend my life healing myself and figuring out how to live life with joy, peace, success and the abundance I desired. And I decided.. that WHEN I figured out how..
I would dedicate my life to making sure no woman I crossed paths with ever felt as lost, alone and confused as I felt during that time of my life.

And so it began..

(Below are images that demonstrate my physical health before The Hormone Solution, but the struggle behind the images, was the toughest part by far. Healing is about everything, and changing the way you look... should be a SIDE EFFECT of putting your self first. If you focus only on the physical, you lose the magic that can be found in healing. And there is so, so much of it)

So I studied and dreamed up my future..

& The Hormone Solution was born.

A way to transform not just your physical health, but your mental, spiritual and emotional health too. Through love, support, joy and sisterhood.

& this program is just that. It's healing, but not like you've ever seen it before.


"Arabella has changed my life for the better and I can honestly say hand on my heart without her I would not be the person I am today. It amazes me still how working with her has shifted my life majorly, and I know there is no way I can ever go back to my old ways. I feel so privileged to have her in my life, I feel confident that if I ever needed her again she would be there for me. She will always hold a huge place in my heart."

"I feel alive & awake. My connection to my body has significantly changed, I feel a profound love for my body, how she works with me & guides me. My money mindset has taken a complete u-turn and I'm feeling more confidence than I have felt in years (smashing THS goals proved this). This confidence isn't about my appearance as I thought it would be, it's about my true self, I'm here to show up however I want to, own my power with complete confidence and have the confidence to set the boundaries I want to."

"Ground breaking. Earth shattering. A deep healing experience in a loving environment. This container was filled with women who held each other in a truly magical way & we understood each other on a profound level as we all had challenges in common. Usually diet culture or healthy eating is a puzzle to me, there is so much information that it becomes overwhelming and too complicated to make a significant change. BUT this experience was totally different. It allowed me to understand what nourishment I needed while following my intuition. Arabella was loving, supportive & guided us in an incredibly graceful way all while keeping us accountable."


Things you will receive & learn:


  •  You will have a fire reignited inside you that allows you to once again believe in yourself, your healing and your dreams. Your mind will be opened to the possibility of healing in every way. You will learn sacred healing practices from both western and eastern medicine. Modern medicine and biochemistry, weaved with ancient wisdom and the teachings of our ancestors.

  •  You will become a badass empowered science babe who understands how her hormones work, how to eat and how to live to create perfect hormone harmony and body balance.

  •  You will unravel and unlock levels of self love that you always knew deep down were possible. Self love will be something you feel not just in your mind, but on a deep, unshakeable, cellular level. You will learn what it truly means to love yourself, especially on the days where you don’t feel loveable. Deep layers will be moved through here, and magic will be made.

  •  You will become the woman who knows the stages of her cycle, and how to be in perfect harmony with them every month. Period cycles will start to feel beautiful, heavenly, sweet, intuitive, and you will discover why they maybe haven’t all this time.

  •  You will leave the container feeling awoken, reborn and have deeper clarity. It’s like your whole life you have been wearing glasses with a slightly dirty lens, you have cleaned the lens, and a new version of what the world truly looks like has been revealed to you. You know you will never see the world the same again. 

  •  You will receive transmissions of what your future self looks, feels and acts like. You will learn to embody them until you become them. One day you will blink, and realise your wildest dreams have come true, and that you already have become her, and that, you were actually HER the whole entire time, you just didn’t realise it.

There will always be events and obstacles in life.. but when you realise that the obstacles are not in your way, they ARE the way, your transformation begins.

You get to the point where living the same way is no longer desireable.

You get to ask yourself:
If not now, when? If not me, then who?

You deeply deserve to take a step towards living the life of your dreams.

Let that first step be today...

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